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tv   Media Buzz  FOX News  January 26, 2014 8:00am-9:01am PST

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sunday house call. great to see both of you. >> see you next week. >> that's it on sunday housecall. >> so good to have you with us every sunday with sunday housecall. media buzz with howard kurtz starts now. >> on the buzz meter this sunday, president obama says fox news and rush limbaugh are turning him into a caricature. why do they get under his skin? are journalists giving scrutiny equally? to virginia's bob mcdonald getting indicted to texas's wendy davis caught by a newspaper embellishing her up from poverty story. a seattle seahawks star sends his team to the super bowl delivers a diatribe to a fox news reporter. >> i'm the best one in the game. when you -- with a star receiver
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like crabtree, that's the result you're going to get. don't you ever talk about me. >> and is hit by an online avalanche of racist taunts. what in the world explains this ugliness? glenn beck says he's sorry for the role he played in dividing the country. what should we make of his admission? >> i think i played a role, unfortunately, in helping tear the country apart. >> plus, the media world goes into overdrive over justin bieber's arrest for drinking and drag racing. >> let me interrupt you just for a moment. we've got breaking news out of miami. stand by, if you will. right now in miami, justin bieber has been arrested on a number of charges. >> here we go again. another celebrity train wreck. i'm howard kurtz and this is media buzz.
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chris christie, in case you hadn't noticed is a hot topic for the media. how does his coverage over the bridge scandal compare to that of other gubernatorial types? let's take a look. >> in terms of the politics for this, this whole argument from christie, true or false, is getting harder to believe. is everybody a liar but him? >> it reminds me of what people on the far right did on benghazi the second after the benghazi attack. and it became this rallying cry for the right, just like it's chris christie bridge scandal has been for the left. >> well, what about new york's democratic governor andrew cuomo who got into trouble for saying this? >> and if they are the extreme conservatives, they have no place in the state of new york. >> so this -- >> because that's not who new yorkers are. >> that's gotten plenty of coverage on fox, but barely been mentioned by msnbc or cnn or the "new york times." >> andrew cuomo's shocking
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comments about extreme conservatives like those who oppose abortion rights having no place in his state. >> i think cuomo had a bad choice of words, but he did not say conservative. you all are conservative and i don't think it suggests you should leave the state. >> bob mcdonald drew heavy coverage after he and his wooich were indicted for accepting lavish gifts from businessmen receiving favors from the state. >> mcdonald was riding high and being touted as a presidential contender. now, bob mcdonald is hoping to retire instead of facing a maximum of 30 years in prison. >> i have to say, what was he thinking? what were they thinking? >> but "the washington post" has been reporting these details for months, very little national exposure. so what explains the discrepancies about these governors and texas candidate wendy davis? joining us now, lauren ashburn. jim garrity, and onmarie cox.
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so what did you make of the coverage? >> well, cnn did one segment. msnbc covered it on friday. the "new york times" didn't even do a news story. they did an opinion piece. and the washington post, no news story. and one opinion column. >> well, the "new york times," jim, waited six days and did do a story that was in the metro section that led off by saying not that the governor had said something controversial, but republicans have finally found a talking point to use against them. >> i think probably the reason is the "new york times" edit editorial board saying all conservatives should be driven out of the state, isn't that a controversial idea? in a perfect world, perhaps we would like to do something like that. all of these are legitimate stories, but the ones involved in republicans get heavy coverage from cnn and particularly msnbc. certain programs see themselves as the dnc's megaphone there.
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you want to write about mcconal, christie, go ahead. but there are other outrages in this world. >> governor cuomo said he was referring to very conservative republican candidates. but do some journalists see that, annaplea as -- >> right. one of the headlines is are there any conservatives left in new york city. >> yeah. there's a whole thing called upstate new york, by the way. >> i said at least new york city. >> yes, you did. but the thing is, i do see the disparaging coverage between coverage of republicans governors and coverage of a democratic governor. it true the two republicans being covered may have broken the law and andrew cuomo said something offensive. one person whose scandal is not getting any coverage at all, and that's early tomblin. there are still people in west virginia who are afraid to drink their water.
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this is an ongoing story down there. and it's being overseen by a lot of democrats and i wish there was coverage of this story. we only got a blip of coverage when the actual spill happened. >> imagine if it had happened in manhattan. >> i'm surprised you're saying a democratic governor should have been covered when it wasn't. i thought he would be saying the opposite. >> but they have let coal companies pollute the waters there, pollute the either for a long time. there are studies that have shown if you live in a coal producing county in west virginia, your children are 26% more likely to have birth defects. these statistics are not getting talked about. and i think that -- >> some of this you can explain as being part of the new york/washington beltway access. cuomo being up in albany is too far away from them to notice, but -- >> oh, come on. >> but west virginia isn't that far away. >> and we've agreed on that. but the christie story, legitimate story, we've talked about this on the program for a couple of weeks now, but seems
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to have slowed down. are the media basically trying to keep it alive? >> last week i defended the coverage saying this is a popular governor, he's the chairman of the governor's association. but this week, there was one subpoena that was issued and yet chris matthews, as recently as thursday, led with chris christie. and that is a problem. as we were talking about, what else could we be covering, like west virginia? what are we missing? why aren't we delving into other issues? >> even like nicole wallace says her network and others are propping up dawn zimmer who made the charges of political paybacking involving hurricane sandy aid. is there something to that? >> barbara has more hits than she got votes. if you're a new jersey mayor right now, you can make up just about anything and msnbc will put you up there. >> injury saying make up. are you insinuating that what they are saying is not true?
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>> how -- >> she has a journal. >> these are suggestions that you might have. and i want to say about this, too, i think it's being overcovered. i think christie has some problems in getting the nomination for the gop presidential nomination. i don't think this is one of them. i think those things should be covered, but also we're two years away. this is going to be a long nominating process. i think that people who live outside the new york corridor are mystified by this coverage. i mean, i live in st. paul, minnesota. i will say that the scandal has broken through in the sense that i talk to people, they know about it and they kind of roll their eyes. this is not something that i think every day americans are really, really like -- to the extent that it was a personal vendetta, they find that kind of interesting. >> i think hoboken's zimmer has gotten a pretty easy ride from the new york media. cnn's anderson cooper did a pretty good media interview with her on the question of why are you coming forward now? why didn't you say this before?
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i wonder if we'll be talking about christie coverage next week. but here you have a former governor, bob mcdonnell and his wife got a lot of coverage, for about 36 hours for people who haven't been following this, he and his wife got lavish gifts and substantial loans from a businessman in the state who is seeking state favors. why in the months and months that the washington post has been reporting these details has it not gotten much national attention? >> i don't know. because it is a great story. it is juicy. he went with her to new york, to louis vuitton, to oscar did he larenta, did lavish shopping sprees with her. she had a big hand in trying to get an inauguration gown out of him. >> this is maureen mcdone al? >> right. this is an e-mail that she wroe wrote to her staff. i need to talk to you about inaugural clothing budget. i need answers and bob is screaming about the thousands i am charging up in credit card debt. we have broke.
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we have an inconsciousble amount in credit card debt already and this is killing us. i need answers, i need help and i need to get this done. this is the wife of governor talking to her staff who had said that the gown that she wanted, they could not ask the businessman for. >> i hope you don't talk to your husband that way. >> i make him take me to louis vuitton. >> if you have that much money -- i mean, i thought republicans were supposed to be fiscal conservatives. >> much better with the state's finances. >> mp mcdonnell is on the dull said compared to christie. and he's not running for vp or -- >> around mid summer, this started coming out. he said i didn't do anything illegal, but i'm returning the gifts. let me get to wendy davis. she has gotten a lot of attention recently. here is something that maria shriver did on the "today" show a couple weeks ago before a
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story. raising questions about wendy davis' background. let's take a look. >> davis grew up poor and at the age of 18 found herself pregnant and married. by 19, she was getting divorced and living in a mobile home park. >> so jim garrity, now the dallas morning news reports there were certain discrepancies that she admitted to, that she lived in the trailer park a few months, that she was divorced at 21 is, not 19, and the fact that when she went to harvard law, her then husband paid for it. wendy davis comes back and attacks the newspaper and says -- >> false attacks which i'm sure what part of it is false? you've got to find out the fact yuls discrepancy. i won't give her too much grief about the line my opponents haven't walked in my shoes because her opponent is a parapleg paraplegic. let's assume she didn't mean to call attention to that.
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>> but it was a good investigative reporting? >> you're going to get secretmy of that biography. john kerry can tell you that. >> what is good investigative reporting? they didn't break any news as far as i'm concerned. i think the discrepancy about the age all had been previously reported as far as i know. the only thing that was not previously reported was the anonymous content from a city council member who flagged her. it was ain accordance anonymous content. >> she admitted she has not used the right language has been overtaken. >> i think so. and the thing is, a lot of people who are in her position running for governor right now don't come from. she did come from a poor family. she was a single parent. she did get into tcu, which is a pretty good school on an academic scholarship. people who get into harvard law
8:13 am
because they're pretty, you know? i mean -- >> but the bulk of the story is true. the critics are unloading on wendy davis. >> well, it's a campaign. what do you expect critics to do? this is how the -- see what the media can get to write about your opponent. >> i'm stunned to have sharp elbows and unfair attacks in texas politics. >> we'll let you recover during the break. send me a tweet during the show. @howardkurtz. when we come back, did president obama play the race card in his new yorker interview? and later, why did the media lose it over justin bieber's arrest?
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the "new yorker" interview
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with barack obama went on and on with the president making little news about his agenda. but then there was the question with race prompting this response. there's no doubt that there's some folks who really dislike me because they don't like the idea of a black president. now, the flip side of it is there are some black folks and maybe. >> white folks who like me and give me the benefit of the doubt because i'm a black president. that sent of plenty of chatter. >> now, why would the president seemingly play the race excuse? >> you don't think there are white people who don't like the president because he is black? >> i think if reason people don't like president obama is because of his policy. it has nothing to do -- >> obama has carefully avoided trying to exploit race. >> is it fair, given the double-sided nature of the slot -- >> he says some folks. we don't know whether that means
8:18 am
two, 2% of the population, 20% of the population? it's a very broad term. >> but there's a part to measure. >> there are 317 million -- >> there's about 1.5 million people who say they will not vote for a black president. and if you measure -- >> true, but some. 1.3 million is -- that's a fair amount. >> the question is, when you start throwing these types of -- >> and that's only the people who admit it, by the way. >> the question is, do you use this argument? is it an effort to delegitimate mittize. this criticism of me because people don't like a strong central government, people that are pro state rights need to be separated out. >> but that didn't come through on the cable chatter, did it? >> it didn't. and that's cable news's chatter. >> cable news has to -- >> it's in the paragraph immediately after the one that you read. >> you said some people don't like me, some people like me
8:19 am
more. and in the paragraph after that, he said there is legitimate criticism of me from the right about people who care about states rights and people who think states government is too -- >> ana marie clearly read all 17,000 words. it wasn't exactly a confrontational interview. >> but all interviews don't have to be confrontational. he still made news. we're having a segment about what he said on race. he actually said pot is not more dangerous than alcohol, which is something we've never heard the president talk about before. >> let me bring up something else president obama said in the second round of excepters which are released. he said the issue has been my inble that they feel persuaded that i'm in the the caricature that you see on fox news or rush limbaugh, but i'm somebody who is interested in solving problems and is pretty
8:20 am
practical. >> come on. i would say you're giving fox and rush limbaugh ammunition against you. >> this is the fifth or sixth time by my count that president obama has brought up -- and look, he may really be steamed at what rush limbaugh says about him. but doesn't he have a pretty big megaphone himself? >> isn't it unfortunate that only this president has been caricatured by the media, it's never happened to any other president, bush, carter? >> the media has buy for cased in a way today that it hasn't before.y for cased in a way today that it hasn't before.for cased in a way today that it hasn't before a way today that it hasn't before. i think president necessary previous administrations have not had the ability to single out a single network. there are two issues here. should he be punching down? no. it looks bad. do people watching fox get a different image of the president
8:21 am
than those watching msnbc? i don't think there's an argument there. >> but it seems to me that you're giving that the president can command the world's attention at a moment's notice. i guess he's frustrated. but it almost says that he doesn't -- that he's at the mercy of what he sees as his political detractors. >> every president has always had some changing media environment. msnbc during the bush years was personal. he could argue it's gotten heightened or it's gotten louder, but i don't think it's worlds apart from where it was in 20308. >> i think the way the republican party and fox news had worked in concert has shifted a power structure a little bit. and then again, this is not to say -- there's two questions here. there is is he punching down and does that look bad? yes, it looks bad. does it give ammunition to his critics? yes. are there two different images being put out there? yes.
8:22 am
>> bill o'reiley on super bowl sunday, it may be too good to exist. jim garrity, thank you for joining us. before we go to break, the "new york times" magazine features hillary clinton being pul put up on a celestial planet approximately she really does get out of this world coverage. weird. up next, glenn beck says he was too divisive during his time at fox news. why is he admitting that now? >> and the ugly relation to -- [ male announcer ] this is george. the day building a play set begins with a surprise twinge of back pain... and a choice. take up to 4 advil in a day or 2 aleve for all day relief. [ male announcer ] that's handy. ♪ [ male announcer ] that's handy. progress-oh! [ female announcer ] with 40 delicious progresso soups at 100 calories or less, there are plenty of reasons people are saying "progress-oh!"
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again beck made some news this week in an interview with megan kelly. beck was perhaps the most controversial xhem tater here on fox news. >> when you think back about your time here, how do you believe it? how do you remember it now?
8:26 am
>> i remember it as an awful lot of fun and that i made an awful lot of mistakes and i wish i could go back and be more united in my language. because i -- i think i played a role, unfortunately, in helping tear the country apart. >> joining us now here in washington, david zurich. and in new york, amy hough. david, is it a good thing that glenn beck has now admitted that he helped divide the country? sfwh you know, at first when i saw it, i was seduced by beck again. this is theismish boy scott glenn beck. and he's really an engaging person when he does that. i had to go back to the clip toes remind myself of the darker glenn beck. and him admitting he made mistakes, i could have been nicer, i wish i could been
8:27 am
nicer, i wish i had appreciated the people are more fragile. please, honestly, i don't think it's a good thing. honestly. and i don't want him back in a mainstream venue like fox. i really don't where you had 1.8 million people every night listening to his craziness. >> he has his own venue. amy, why is glenn saying this now? is he trying to soften his edge a bit to help the blaze? >> you know, in fact, he's been having this conversation for quite some time. for his listeners, readers, this isn't anything new. i've been hearing glenn talk about these themes of reconciliation. but i'm sorry that david isn't willing to take glenn's remarks at face value and for the sin tiersy of which they were offered. we saw pierce morgan at cnn saying he appreciated and applauded glenn willing to be critical and self-reflective in public. we even saw joe scarbourough on
8:28 am
msnbc applaud glenn beck. he can see something here that the media was more reflective on a number of issues. >> amy, you and scarboruough, morgan, you're all in the game. >> it's not a game. >> you guys are in the television game. oh, yeah, he came on and looked sincere. now we're going to love him and embrace him again. >> david, you're sitting on television right now. do you think you're in a game? >> pardon? i'm sorry. >> because he appear on tv, are you in the game as well? >> no. i'm a guy on weekends who shows up when they invite me. come on. >> so why are you accusing the rest of us? >> because i -- i work as a critic outside the medium of television writing about media and television. you guys make your living on television. so for you to say to me, oh, pierce morgan liked him, i i'm
8:29 am
sorry you don't, david, come on. >> amy. >> wow, well, clearly david is not a fan of glenn beck and isn't willing to consider the opinions of glenn's own critics who saw the sincerity and nor, david, are you willing to accept that glenn has been having this conversation for quite some time. this is not a new revelation for glenn's listeners, watchers or for people who read his work. >> i'm glad he's having it with his employees like you. >> not employees, david. it's his audience. >> he and keith obermann were very bad for american television. i'm sorry. that doesn't change because he's nice to you. >> we'll get to the broader question in just a moment. amy, talk about this continuing conversation. on his own show after making those remark toes megan kelly, glenn said he hasn't changed and his critics are shocked because they think i'm some anti-gay racist nut job, his words. >> oh, i thought you were about to play a clip of that. that was one of the things that
8:30 am
shocked me, that the media was accusing glenn of things that he hasn't even said. in fact, when it comes to gay issues, for example, he's been consistent on that. he actually advocated his solidarity with g.l.a.d. when it came to russia's issues. david, you're suggesting he only talks to his employees? no, in fact, he talk toes millions of people every day. >> yo, you're talking about this conversation and me. that's what i'm referring to. >> the conversation -- >> don't change what i said. >> you're changing what i said. the conversation that glenn is having is with his public. he's been having this conversation for a very long time. it may come as a surprise to you because you don't follow his work, media critic that you are -- >> actually, do i follow his work. >> so it's like -- >> no, don't tell me i don't follow his work, amy. i do follow his work. and it's dangerous. i'm sorry. >> the thing that bothered me the most when glenn beck was at
8:31 am
fox was calling president obama racist and saying he has a deep seeded white hatred. but wasn't glenn beck doing what others in cable news are doing which is be more outrageous? >> he and keith obermann were two sides of the same coin. when those two went out at each other, when he went at van jones with language right out of the '50s -- i'm not defending van jones, but the way that conversation -- and then i will pay anybody who can bring me information -- it was horrible. we can't forget all that stuff that went on in 2010, 2011 when he left fox. look wsh he is a remarkable broadcaster. and by the way, those things people said about him, i have said none of those things. calling him a nut job or in this anything of those things. >> if glenn beck has been having this conversation with his audience for a long time, do you think this is changing his image, for lack of a better word, the way in which he's
8:32 am
perceived, even by some who maybe were not big fans? >> it certainly seems to be changing perception of some of his critics. i'd like to get back to david's point, do you not remember when the mainstream media asked the entire public to try and dig up dirt on sarah palin? what does that have to do with glenn beck? you were just accusing glenn of asking him audience to participate in digging up information, as if this was something new and sensational when, in fact, the mainstream media does this to figures on the right all the time. >> amy, what term is mainstream media? i didn't do it. my paper didn't do it. who are the -- >> are you kidding? you don't remember the media
8:33 am
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hi, everybody. we're live from america's news headquarters. i'm jamie colby. police are announcing in maryland that they have identified the gunman in yesterday's deadly mall shooting. it was 19-year-old darion marcus aguilar. they're trying to find out whether he knew either of the victims, both of whom worked at a skateboard shop in that mall. today the mall remains closed. the investigation continues. oversea necessary egypt, the
8:37 am
military government is tightening its grip on power saying it will tighten its regulations before those on parliament. dozens of people killed in anti-government protests this weekend. it's three years since the revolution there that overthrew former president hosni moouk mubarak. i'm jamie colby. i look forward to seeing you at the top of the hour with a brand new hour. you would have thought it was the crime of the century, an arrest for drag racing and driving in the vehicle is huge news apparently when it involves a troubled teen pop star. >> we are waiting on justin bieber to make his first court appearance following his early arrest this morning in miami. >> breaking news in the entertainment world this morning, pop superstar justin bieber has been arrested. justin bieber has been arrested. >> and cnn deemed this worthy of a prime time special. >> now, from the early days of
8:38 am
instant fame and a milk and cookies reputation that went sour to what happened that night. the life of justin bieber. >> so what is it about this guy that makes bielebers of the media? amy, joe, welcome. bieber is a popular guy. but i was seeing this on cable news every ten minutes? >> oh, at least, howie. i think what we're seeing here is news producers are looking more and more at the number of twitter followers a celebrity may have when deeming how much coverage that celebrity should get when they get in trouble. justin bieber has more followers than the entire population of canada and 7 million more than the leader of the free world, president obama. and one more point, in four weeks, the oscars comes on.
8:39 am
that will be on one network, abc. 40 million people will watch that awards show. tuesday night, the president has his state of the union address on at least 15 networks. when you combine the audience of all those networks, it will still be only 33 million, 7 million less than the oscars. celebrities drive ratings, howie, that's the bottom line. >> but that all sounds like because somebody is famous and has a lot of twitter followers we have to go nuggets over everything that happened to them? >> there's a lot of naivety. you figure not only are the fans going to tune in or click on that story, but also the haters. justin bieber is a polarizing figure. they actively enjoy hating justin bieber and reading things about him that make him look stupid and commenting on those stories. he's a real cottage industry. >> bieber used to have a teenie
8:40 am
bopper image and now he seems like another rich kid in trouble. >> here, we're fighting our last battle, imposing the last narrative on the current story. these days, the very big trend is to follow the story that the young stars who are imploding, the death spiral of somebody's career. we're looking at justin bieber and seeing lindsay lohan. the trial star's first arrest and what happens then. on the one hand, you know, what he's been arrested for, drag racing and dui, it's terrible. right. >> kids shouldn't do that. but this is not like being caught with heroine at the border or driving your limousine into a twiming pool. >> does bieber now join lindsay lohan and kim kardashian and her 12-minute marriage? >> we've seen this movie before. we saw it with miley cyrus back in august. we were about to go to war with syria if iran, israel and -- got
8:41 am
involved. yet the next day, coverage outweighed for miley 12/1 over syria. but i think, howie, you have to go back to '94, '95, the o.j. chase and the trial. i think that's when the line between hard news and sensationalism was blurred forever. a million dollar industry, tmz was born, e! was born. now cable networks are saying we can cover kiev and deadly protests, we can cover west virginia chemical spill and 300,000 and the war being affected but it's not rating. and we have to make a business decision here and the business decision was to go all bieber. >> but there's journalistic judgment. i know bieber says he's retiring. is all this helping his music career? >> that's hard to say. i wonder if the media is late to the curb. the grownup media, we're always a little late when it comes to teen idols.
8:42 am
and we're always making too big a deal about teen idols who are so 18 months ago. bieber is not the guy he was four years ago. his last album tanked. his concert tour last fall didn't do too well. >> i think you call the grownup media -- thanks for stopping by this sunday. ahead on media buzz, a website. a suicide and an apology. a look at a journalistic tragedy. [ male announcer ] at his current pace, bob will retire when he's 153, which would be fine if bob were a vampire. but he's not. ♪ he's an architect with two kids and a mortgage. luckily, he found someone who gave him a fresh perspective on his portfolio. and with some planning and effort, hopefully bob can retire at a more appropriate age. media -- thanks for stopping by it's not rocket science. it's just common sense.
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in our media fail, bill simmons, editor and chooe of grantland has made a world class apology for a grave error. his profiler was trying to profile a golf putter and details of her background weren't adding up. dr. v was a member of the transgender community, which hadn't been public and before the story was published, she committed suicide. simmons says, to my infinite regr regret, we never asked anyone knowledgeable enough to help us either improve the piece or realize that we shouldn't run it. that's our mistake. i want to apologize. i failed. that's true and simmons didn't duck the responsibility. after the break, richard sherman
8:47 am
fined by the nfl for talking trash as his team heads to the super bowl. that has unleashed some nasty online racism. our digital download is up next. hey kevin...still eating chalk for heartburn? yeah... try new alka seltzer fruit chews. they work fast on heartburn and taste awesome. these are good. told ya! i'm feeling better already. [ male announcer ] new alka seltzer fruits chews. enjoy the relief! 100% greek. 100% m... so mmm, you might not believe it's 100 calories. yoplait greek 100. there are hundreds of reasons to love it. bulldog: oh boy!
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time now for our digital download. the seattle seahawks have just won a trip to the super bowl on a superb defensive play by richard sherman who had been trash talking receiver for the san francisco 49ers. >> when erin andrews talked to sherman on the slibs, he was still hot. >> i'm the best one in the game. when you try me with authority receiver like crabtree. that's the results you are going to get. don't you ever talk about me. >> who was talking about you? >> crabtree. don't you open your mouth about the best.
8:51 am
stand up for you real quick. >> sherman's rant triggered an explosion on twitter other social media sites where some people called him the "n" word and blitzed the nfl star with racist comments. >> i was watching the game. i thought what sherman did was rude and inappropriate in the moment but, man, on twitter, he was called a lot of n word tweets but also i hesitate to repeat this on the air, jungle monkey, gorilla. should be shot. i was stunned. >> nothing new on twitter. things like this happen maybe not to this extent. i remember the coe of twitter did an interview with matt lauer in which he sat down and said i want twitter to be a town hall for people. and it's not a town hall sometimes. it's assess pool. >> fine to criticize him because i have never seen a post game interview like that. but then to go there in the way many people did. not using real names. they these twitter handles.
8:52 am
really seriously disturbing. >> it is. the ugliness is there the big question is comes out of this people on twitter or on facebook or other social media sites who see this who have this happen to them is how do you handle a twitter war like that? how? what do you do? he blogged about it he later apologized for it he was fined. >> he was fined by the nfl about $8,000 which is pocket change. >> for him, right. >> it took him a while to apologize. let's take a hook at what he had to say on the apology and some further comments by richard sherman. >> took away from my teammates' great game you would think the stories would be about them. that's the only thing that i feel kind of regretful about. >> it seems like the acceptful way of calling everybody the n word. everybody else says the "n" word and everybody else says thug, that's fine. >> that was interesting point. at least he did being a knowledge that he did take the spotlights away from the teammates. if they had lost it would be more understandable. a lot of people calling him
8:53 am
as a thug. he sees that as a coded racial insult. i hadn't thought of it that way. >> sure. unsportsman like conduct is going to be bashed by people on twitter. but always about the level. how far are we going to go? a part of it is because you can can be anonymous on twitter. you don't have to give your real name. you don't have to give your address. and it's hard to avoid seeing things that are said about you that are untrue. >> what's interesting is i thought erin andrews handled this really well. here he is going off and she didn't get in a shouting match with him. they cut the segment short because he was getting so emotional. it was compelling to watch. but it started getting a little dangerous for us. and because more played out online. >> there was a second wave for him that said that people really did support him for what he did in the game, for his upbringing. he had a very hard scrabble life. and then went on to stanford
8:54 am
university. you know, i would really love to hear what people have to hear about this on twitter. can you follow me at lauren ash burn. >> he got a favorable piece today in the "new york times." >> still to come on jay lep know being pushed out of tenth show throne and elizabeth vargas on battling her personal demons. for all da. all aboard. ♪ visit truecar.comoney,com,t and never overpay.yer's remorse. a good deal or not. "okay, this is the price,"sman comes and you're like.ells you,
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8:57 am
of from paragraph big factor on monday. goldberg about people on the dole. and young american women may be in danger. we will tell you how. all on monday's factor. we will see you then. time now for more of your top tweets. taking a jab at rush limbaugh. wineyest president we have ever had he can't take criticism at all. president's comments fox news and talk radio are dead on for muslims to socialists to apologists. it's dangerous. marcus says he is whining though, it's obvious rush limbaugh and fox news do caricature just as some
8:58 am
caricature g.o.p. it's a political campaign obama to fight it. jay leno is finally about to give up "the tonight show" next week. on an interview airing tonight on "60 minutes." they blindsided him the first time and felt like being dumped by a girlfriend. this time he is he praising his successor, jimmy fallon. >> you would have liked to stay? >> it's not my decision. and i think i probably would have stayed if we didn't have an extremely qualified young guy ready to jump in. if they said look, you are fired. we don't know who we are going to get. we don't know what we're going to put in there but anybody but you. we just want you out of there. i would be hurt and offended. >> trans legs, jimmy is okay but i'm number one. i kind of want to do this forever. finally abc anchor elizabeth vargas is out of rehab.
8:59 am
she talked about her battle friday on good morning america. >> you are an chock. >> i am. am an alcoholic it took me a long time to admit it i showed up for a 20/20 shoot. i was in no shape to do that interview. when i got out of car i realized what am i doing? that's when i knew i needed to get help. >> good for her for doing that it's very difficult to talk about the demons in your closet. you know, it's one thing to talk about cancer on the air where people will have sympathy for you and hope that you are not sick, as sick as possible or horribly sick. but this is amaze. what a role model for other alcoholics. >> it's got to be awfully difficult to talk about the fact that you have to leave work because of your alcohol problem. >> sure. i think good for her. >> that's it for this edition of media buzz. i'm howard kurtz. can you check out our twitter feed and check us
9:00 am
out on facebook. a lot of video. we are back here 11 a.m. and 5 p.m. eastern bringing you the latest buzz. many hello, i'm eric shawn and welcome to america's news headquarters. >> and welcome to you, everyone, i'm jamie colby. topping the news this hour, we have new details on the deadly mall shooting in maryland. what police are revealing today about the suspect and the next steps in their investigation. >> the winter olympics in socially. now less than two weeks away. coming up, when u.s. authorities are doing to try to keep american athletes and spectators safe. >> and this is the week president obama is preparing to deliver his state of the union. what will he say and is it what the american people want to hear?


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